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SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines is a North American airline headquartered in St. George, Utah, USA. Though it operates on a regional level, SkyWest is often considered to be a major airline thanks to its popularity. SkyWest is a member of the Regional Airline Association and flies to 180 cities, in 43 states as well as Washington, D.C., seven Canadian provinces, five cities in Mexico and the Bahamas.

SkyWest Airlines is a feeder airline that operates under contract with various major carriers. It is in partnership with Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, and flies under the names SkyWest Airlines, United Express, US Airways Express, Delta Connection and American Eagle respectively. 

The airline does not perform any reservation or ticketing functions on its own and follows the rules of its partners. Each airline has a different reservation policy and intends to offer customers who contact their reservations systems via telephone, at airport ticket counters or their online reservation systems, the lowest published fare. 
As of June 2015, SkyWest Airlines has an employee strength of 10,329 people throughout North America. The airline averages 1,800 departures a day, with 907 operating as United Express, 572 operating as Delta Connection, 95 operating as US Airways Express, 110 operating as American Eagle and 43 operating as Alaska Airlines. SkyWest carried a total of 27.9 million passengers in 2014. 

SkyWest Airlines Bookings are now available with HolidayMe in a simple, hassle-free manner. Just check our website, search your destinations, select your flights and book your SkyWest Airlines Reservations online.

SkyWest Airlines-Baggage Allowance

SkyWest Airlines baggage policy follows the partners' programs on baggage equipment size and other operational constraints. In addition to that, SkyWest does not accept kayaks, windsurf equipment, hang gliders, or extra-large or giant pet kennels. Also, any items classified as a pressurized gas/liquid, oil-based paints, explosives, poisons, magnetic materials, flammable items, corrosive, etc. are not accepted.

SkyWest Airlines-Check-in Requirements

SkyWest online cheek-in option can be availed any time within 24 hours of your flight. To book, track or check-in for a flight, please visit any of its partners' websites. SkyWest Airlines also provide route maps for customers.

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