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Greece Adventure Tour Packages

Starting From AED 819.00 - AED 3,019.00
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April to June
  • 124
  • 107
  • 186
  • 102

A sizzling concoction of serene islands, pristine beaches, secluded coves, turquoise waters, quaint villages and majestic mountains; Greece is a true wonder of the Mediterranean. Geographically, while most of the country is surrounded by sea, it shares borders with Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey in its north. The country is an archipelago of about 1,400 islands which include the Aegean archipelago, the Ionian Islands, and Crete, the largest island in Greece. Politically, it is a parliamentary constitutional republic, with a Prime Minister and a President. The history of Greece can be traced back to 3000-1200 BC during the Bronze Age, beginning with the Aegean civilization, when the Minoans settled and lived and traded peacefully with other parts of the world. It was declared a free state in 1822, after it got independence from the Ottoman Empire. Greece is also considered to be the birthplace of European civilisation and Western philosophy. It is the country where the birth of major concepts like political science, democracy, Western literature, and the Olympic Games took place. The works and teachings of Greek legends like Plato, Homer, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras and Hippocrates influenced the development of the Western World. Greek is the official language of the country, with 99% of the population speaking it. English, French, German and Italian are spoken as well, mostly by the younger generations. The majority of the country follows Greek Orthodox (98%), with the minorities include Muslims, Roman Catholics and Roman Catholics. Athens is the Capital and largest city of Greece. Besides the breath-taking natural beauty, Greece is home to some of the world’s best medieval architecture and is also known for its exotic Greek cuisine, with delicacies like Moussaka, Greek salad, Fasolada and Skordalia. A holiday to Greece with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 819 to AED 3,019 Read More

Italy Adventure Tour Packages

Starting From AED 3,279.00 - AED 8,049.00
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April to June
  • 105
  • 138
  • 192
  • 117

Italy is a parliamentary constitutional republic located towards the south of Europe, with Rome being its capital and largest city. While the country is surrounded by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia in the north, the entire south is surrounded by the Italian peninsula and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. The history of Italy dates way back beyond the Roman Empire, to 800-600 BC when the Etruscans, Greeks and Byzantines settled in Italy, until Rome was founded in 753 BC, marking the beginning of the Roman Empire. Around 500 BC, the monarchy was overthrown and Rome became a republic. The Roman Empire and the Italian Renaissance (14th-16th Century) had a lasting impact on Italy, and let to major cultural changes and development. Between the 15th and 19th centuries, Spain and France fought over Italy. Napoleon was ultimately defeated in 1815, resulting in Italy being unified and finally emerging as a nation-state in 1861. Almost 90% of the country comprises of Roman Catholics, with other minor communities like Protestants, Jews and Muslims are also sparsely found. Italian is the national and most widely-spoken language, while the locals also speak German, French and Slovene in other parts of Italy. Owing to its geographical location, the climate varies from north to south. The north has harsh, cold winters with heavy rainfall, while summers are pleasant. Central Italy sports a milder and wetter climate, whereas the south has extremely hot summers and dry temperatures. Italy boasts of having a perfect combination of history, fashion, culture, art, good food and diverse natural beauty. From snow-covered peaks to lush vineyards, volcanoes to breath-taking lakes, isles to beaches and ski resorts, Italy has plenty to entice tourists. The most famous cities of Italy include Rome, Naples, Tuscany, Venice and Florence. Italy is home to world-renowned attractions like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum, Pompeii, Sistine Chapel, Florence Cathedral and many more. A holiday to Italy with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 3,279 to AED 8,049 Read More

France Adventure Tour Packages

Starting From AED 1,529.00 - AED 8,049.00
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April to June
  • 102
  • 126
  • 184
  • 122

One of the mostvisited tourist destinations across the globe, one can never get enough of France, a mesmerising country located in Western Europe. France is a country teeming with charisma and magnificence replete with rolling countryside, eclectic landscapes, rich culture, cafes and bistros, world-class architecture, and lip-smacking French cuisine. From the vintage grandeur and charm of Paris, delightful art museums of Lyon, hiking and skiing in Alps, to the enigmatic harmony along the Lake Geneva’s southern shores, France exudes a fascination that is truly captivating and classy. The largest country in Western Europe, France is surrounded by Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg in the northeast, Switzerland and Italy in the east, the Mediterranean Sea in the south, Spain in the southwest and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. France is a sovereign republic and has a strong economic, military and political hold not only in Europe, but across the world. The history of France can be traced back to 1000 BC beginning with the Celtic Gauls who were defeated by the Romans around 52 BC, following a Rome rule for nearly 500 years until it was invaded by the Franks in 5th Century A.D. The French Revolution in 1789 brought about many changes in the structure and ruling of the state. Over 80% of the population is Roman Catholic, and other minorities include Muslims, Protestants, and Jews. French is the official language, but a number of other dialects including Basque, Catalan and Provencal are also commonly spoken. Paris is the capital city of France and has an enchanting effect on the visitors. Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower are the most popular attractions in this beautiful, romantic city. The city of Cannes, known for its annual Cannes Film Festival which plays host to filmmakers, celebrities and stars of all colours and hues, is another major tourist destination in France. Nice, a city celebrated for its splendid beaches and spectacular landscapes, is another city that shouldn’t be missed if you’re visiting France. A holiday to France with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 1,529 to AED 8,049. Read More

Jordan Adventure Tour Packages

Starting From AED 2,339.00 - AED 5,179.00
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March to May
  • 95
  • 106
  • 187
  • 114

A Middle East marvel, Jordan is one of the most prosperous countries in the region and is classified as a country with ‘high human development index’. Bordered by the mighty Saudi Arabia to the south and east, Iraq and Syria to its north east and north respectively, and Israel and the West Bank to its west, Jordan is one of Middle East’s most mystifying places. The magnificent city of Petra is just one amongst the glorious attractions of Jordan. Dating back 300 B.C, this stunning ancient city was the capital of Nabatean Kingdom, and is half-built, half-carved into pink sandstone rock, earning it the nickname of ‘Rose City.’ The country attracts tourists on the weight of its glorious history. Officially called the Kingdom of Jordan, the country has a constitutional monarchy. The king holds wide legislative and executive powers. The country is amongst the freest economies of the world and has an ‘upper middle income’ economy. Though the country is located in the vicinity of countries like Iraq and Israel, there are no disruptions or any conflict in the Jordanian territory. The Akkadian, Neo-Babylonian, Hittite and the Ancient Egypt Empires have left a lasting imprint on Jordan’s history. Post World War II, Jordan became an independent nation in year 1946. Though the official language is Arabic, the commonly spoken version also includes words from the Turkish, French and English languages. The latter is also largely understood and spoken by a majority of locals. The Jordanian cuisine is unique for the extensive use of the grill and bake method of cooking. A dry spell spreads across the country during summer, with the maximum temperature reaching the mid-thirties. In winter, the temperature dips to around 13 degree Celsius. About 92% of the population are Muslims, while 6% are Christians and others form the remaining. A holiday to Jordan with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 2,339 to AED 5,179. Read More

Adventure Tour Packages

An adventure holiday is much more than a vacation. It helps you explore the lesser-explored places of the Earth and acquaint you with the local cultures and the local cuisine. From traversing mountain ranges to exploring the unexplored wilderness, you get a chance to explore the most stunning landscapes on Earth. Booking an adventure holiday package is a great way to spend quality time with your family. An adventure holiday also helps you increase your endurance levels and boost your adrenaline. Every adventure destination has a unique surprise for you each time you go there for a holiday. Whether it is to relax or explore the unexplored, you’ve come to the right place. HolidayMe has a wide range of adventure holiday packages and activities that will help you make your holidays perfect. HolidayMe’s adventure holiday packages have been curated by travel experts who understand the needs of an adventure traveller. From mountain climbing in Nepal to snorkelling in Thailand, let our holiday experts help you plan your next adventure holiday. You can also check our other theme packages such as beach holiday packages and wildlife holiday packages which might also interest you. From adventure holidays for everyone from budget to luxury travellers, HolidayMe offers holiday packages to over 300 destinations across the world. To book a package, you have the option of creating your package only and paying instantly or pay by cash at home (only for select cities).