Beach Tour Packages

Bali Beach Tour Packages

Starting From AED 3,569.00 - AED 4,929.00
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May to July
  • 145
  • 152
  • 125
  • 136

The famed ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali has been fascinating people over the years with its diverse landscape comprising hills, craggy coastlines, sandy seashores, lush green rice fields and barren volcanic hillsides. All of this provides a scenic backdrop to Bali’s vibrant, intensely divine and distinctive culture. Bali is one of the world's most visited island destination with unmatched surfing and diving, cultural heritage, ancient and archaeological attractions and a vast range of hotels. There are innumerable things to do in Bali. With a host of attractions to boot, Bali offers tourists’ a complete entertainment package.ainment package. Read More

Maldives Beach Tour Packages

Starting From AED 3,479.00 - AED 9,139.00
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December to March
  • 153
  • 147
  • 126
  • 117

The Maldives tour is designed to offer you an amazing holiday break in the beautiful tropical island nation, which is renowned for world class resorts and pristine islands, azure waters and plenty of activities. Beautiful white beaches, clean blue waters, swaying palm trees and a charming slow pace of life.All days of these package are free at your disposal, allowing you to plan and decide your own activities. This tour is perfect for those who want to break the monotony of their schedule. Have a relaxing vacation in the beautiful tropical paradise of Maldives. Opt for island hopping or simply relax at beach or try out the thrilling water sports and look out for authentic culinary specialties while exploring Maldives. Check out the pristine coral reefs and enjoy scenic cruises in the crystal clear waters. Maldives is certainly one amazing destination. Read More

Seychelles Beach Tour Packages

Starting From AED 2,499.00 - AED 5,939.00
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April to May,October to November
  • 132
  • 143
  • 121
  • 103

Seychelles in Seychelles is one of the top popular destinations around the world for domestic as well as international travellers. Seychelles offers exciting sightseeing, nightlife, and shopping experience to all kind of travellers including families, couples and backpackers. Seychelles is a great destination to enjoy your vacations with your family and friends. Read More

Thailand Beach Tour Packages

Starting From AED 1,169.00 - AED 8,399.00
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November to February
  • 121
  • 138
  • 117
  • 142

Thailand gives the impression of eternal greenery and sunshine. The temples bask in the incense of spirituality; while the beaches relish the golden sweet spread of sunshine. There are also lovely streets to walk on and markets to explore in the cities across Thailand. If you a water baby, and love swimming, scuba diving or any other adrenaline water based activity, you are in the right country. You will also find slices of history scattered around, too. If planned carefully, you could be in for a satisfying budget trip. There is enough evidence to suggest that the first human settlements in Thailand were set up at least 40,000 years ago. As a consequence of several Indian settlers choosing Thailand as home, the influence of Indian culture was inevitable. The Khmer Empire was among the many rulers who reigned over the region. The empire’s fall saw many other kingdoms rise and fall in the 13th century. Thailand is also the only Southeast Asian nation never to be colonised, despite attempts by European powers. Presently, Thailand is a peaceful monarchy.   Thai is the official language of the country, while many other languages are also spoken along the border regions. More than 90% of the localsfollow Buddhism while about5% are followers ofIslam. The rest include Jews, Hindus and Sikhs. You will find a variety of sensations and flavours in the Thai cuisine. Rice is part of almost any meal, lime juice, garlic and chillies are regularly used ingredients. Monsoon season is a prominent one in Thailand; and you will see a lot of rainfall here. From highlands, river valleys and plateaus, this is a country with distinct geography Read More

Beach Tour Packages

Want to have a wonderful time with your friends and family at a beach? Dive in! 71% of Earth’s surface consists of water! They exist in various forms like rivers, lakes and oceans. Beaches are an integral element of our planet which amalgamates the oceans with various landforms. The serene beauty of our beaches always leaves us spellbound and enables us to cherish the beautiful moments with our loved ones. Beach holidays are an enhanced experience with luscious waves, gusty winds and shacks selling drinks!<br /> Beach holidays are a perfect getaway for anyone who is a nature lover and who has the fascination to absorb the beauty of our planet. There are numerable options to explore amazing places with our customized beach holiday packages. HolidayMe specialises in designing custom beach tour packages which has been designed keeping in mind the user experience and requirements of our users. Beaches are a perfect place to hang around with your loved ones and have memorable moments that can be cherished for life.