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Bahrain Weekend Getaways

Starting From AED 1,329.00 - AED 1,329.00
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November to February
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Translating into “Two Seas” in Arabic, Bahrain is an island country situated along the western shores of the Persian Gulf. An archipelago of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is flanked by Saudi Arabia on its west and Qatar on its southeast. The 16-mile long King Fahd Causeway connects Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. Manama is the capital and the largest city of Bahrain. Known to be the site of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Dilmun civilization, Bahrain was an important trade hub in 3000 BC. It saw invasions by the Persians (4th century A.D), Arabs, and the Portuguese, until the 1820-30s when Bahrain became a British protectorate. The British ultimately ended their treaties in the Persian Gulf in the late 1960’s, with Bahrain becoming a fully independent country in 1971. Today, under the Al-Khalifa regime, Bahrain is a constitutional monarchy with a ruling King, who appoints the Prime Minister. The main state religion in Bahrain is Islam, while the official language is Arabic, even though English is also widely spoken throughout the country. The climate in Bahrain is arid, with summers being extremely hot and humid, and cool, pleasant winters. Besides the truly mesmerizing, high-profile, modern pearls like the stylish twin towers of Bahrain’s World Trade Centre, the super-sleek F1 racing track, the King Fahd Causeway and the horseshoe-shaped manmade islands at the country’s southern tip, visitors are also attracted by the numerous craft markets, forts, potteries and ancient burial mounds this stylish country is home to. A holiday to Bahrain with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 1,329 to AED 1,329. Read More

Saudi Arabia Weekend Getaways

Starting From AED 1,059.00 - AED 4,299.00
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November to February
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Saudi Arabia is a trove of mysteries nestled in Western Asia. It’s tough to narrow down the beauty of this sprawling kingdom brimming with marvels of ancient and modern architecture, fabled deserts showcasing the serenely moving caravans, soft sand beaches and rich illuminated cities. No wonder Saudi Arabia hotels and restaurants are some of the best in the region. Having the Gulf of Aqaba and Red Sea to its west, Persian Gulf to its east, Israel, Jordon, Iraq and Kuwait towards north, Yemen, Oman and UAE to its south, Saudi happens to be the largest nation in Arabian Peninsula. From Mecca, the holiest city in Islam and the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad, to Riyadh’s towering skyscrapers, Saudi Arabia tourism has a lot to offer. The indigenous beliefs say that the first Arabs were descendants of these lands. It is also believed that Saudi is the birthplace of world’s second largest religion, Islam. Saudi Arabia was ruled by the Ottomans between 16th and 18th century. There was a revolt which erupted against other forms of Islam which believably, was being introduced under the Ottoman rule. But finally, the movement failed and Ottomans retained power with the support of their Egyptian Allies. In the year 1964, oil was discovered and this completely vivified the fate of Saudi Arabia. Presently, it cherishes the position of being the second largest oil producer in the world. ‘The Tales of Arabian Nights’ serve as a stark reminder of the magnificence of this land. The royal and magical Arabian culture is a treat for its tourists. People of Saudi Arabia very closely snuggle the Islamic heritage and this transparently reflects in their dressing, talking as well as traditions. You will also get to taste the flavours of the quintessential and rich Arab cuisine. Natives welcome the tourists with immense pleasure and courtesy and bestow them with overwhelming hospitality. From the sprawling capital city of Riyadh, to the religious landmarks of Mecca and Medinah cities, Saudi Arabia is a land like no other in the world. A holiday to Saudi Arabia with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 1,059 to AED 4,299. Read More

Oman Weekend Getaways

Starting From AED 1,459.00 - AED 6,259.00
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October to April
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Among all the countries of the Middle East, Oman trudges a midway path between the traditional, commercial and the modern. The vast desolation that makes this country is all but an unexplored, unexploited territory. So if you love your sand dunes, lonely beaches and absolutely love anonymity, Oman offers you a lot of that vacuum, and more. There are nearly 3000 kilometres of beaches that cover the landscape and then there are mountains that would thrill any adventure-seeker. Oman is a wide expanse of space, just waiting to be discovered. European powers have tried to muscle their influence over the land for decades. If one flips back to 17th century history, you will discover the Omani Sultanate was warding off British and Portuguese from capturing regions of Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf. The sultanate also extended its influence over present day Tanzania, Iran and Pakistan when at its peak. It was on its decline that the sultanate was taken under United Kingdom. Presently, Oman is a monarchy governed by the Sultan. Omani Arabic is the local language of the country, Balochi is the second-most preferred language. Bread, tender meat, a mix of spices and herbs to enhance the flavour, fish and mashed rice are important parts of the Omani cuisine. Largely covered with deserts and mountains, Oman has refuge of the coast and its umpteen beaches too. Oman experiences a harsh summer and meagre rainfall, though the mountain areas receive more rain and sometimes, even snow. About three-quarters or 75% of the population is Muslim. Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Zoroastrians form the rest of the multi-ethnic population. A holiday to Oman with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 1407 to AED 6251 .Read More

Morocco Weekend Getaways

Starting From AED 4,799.00 - AED 7,479.00
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March to May
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Geographically and visually, Morocco is at the top of Africa’s list of the most preferred places to travel to. A beautiful coast dots the region’s one side, while a sprawling desert offers solemnness and the promise of adventure on the other end. The mountains add a sense of might to the Moroccan landscape. The High Atlas Mountains are a majestic sight for its 13,000-feet high snow-covered peaks, where the regular snowfall encourages winter sports. You will also find a charming mix of traditional and rural life here. Morocco’s history can be traced back to almost 90,000 BC. Various civilizations flourished and declined during these years. It started with the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC, lasting until 5th century AD.It was followed by the rise of the Byzantine Empire. The Islamic era set in somewhere around 670 AD. The Berber dynasties flourished from the 11th century. After many dynasties conquered and faded over the course of centuries, France and Spain fought over colonising the region. There was much turbulence and strife that hit the country, matters that continue to affect it even today. The country is ruled by a Moroccan king, armed with major powers. Arabic and Berber are the country’s official languages. The country’s diverse cuisine includes spices, red meat, vegetables, poultry and bakery products. A large part of the country shares its coast with the Atlantic Ocean, a huge area lined by mountains. The climate has a moreover humid Mediterranean feel with the summers being long. Almost 99% of the total population are Muslims, while the others follow Judaism and Christianity. A holiday to Morocco with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 4,799 to AED 7,479. Read More

Weekend Getaways Packages

Looking for a weekend getaway? Shrinking weekends make it impossible to plan extended trips. This means only one thing: pack in as much as you can and make the most of each day. Although the life in metropolitan cities may be hectic, the best things is they have some excellent weekend getaways around them. The everyday hustle and bustle of the city makes one pine for a little peace and quiet. Whether your idea of paradise is exploring an iconic city, taking in mountain scenery, sunbathing on the beach, hiking in alluring natural surroundings or gazing around some remarkable sightseeing locations, weekend getaways help rejuvenate your tired mind body and soul. HolidayMe helps you plan the best weekend getaways that are tailored to your interests –adventure, beach, arts including everything from all-inclusive resorts and amusement parks to outdoorsy escapes involving ferry boats and hiking trails. Also swimming pools for kids to splash around in—a must for summer vacations with little ones. So, stop thinking about what to do and start planning for a weekend getaway with your families and friends alike.