Wildlife Tour Packages

Sri Lanka Wildlife Tour Packages

Starting From AED 2,579.00 - AED 5,069.00
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April to September
  • 93
  • 110
  • 154
  • 85

Now that the remnants of armed struggle and gun fights are but a bare memory, Sri Lanka has returned to the traveller’s list of preferred places to travel. Strife robbed potential tourists of many famous natural spots, untouched, unspoiled and stunning, there are many sights to behold in this unexplored country. From the temples, beaches, flora, fauna and the pulsating city life, Sri Lanka offers many surprises. Most of what you will experience here will be at ‘easy on the pocket’ prices. There are more than 3000 years of Sri Lankan history that has been documented, but the pre-historic origins of the region date back to a lakh years and more. The region assumed strategic importance during the Second World War and also many years earlier with the ancient path of the Silk Road. Buddhism goes back a long way in this country with the earliest writings on the religion dating back to 29 BC. Followers of Christianity, Hinduism and Islam together make up 28% of the total population, 70% of the population are Buddhists. Though there are several languages that are spoken in this country, many influenced by the ones spoken in Maldives, Malaysia and India. The two main official languages have been designated as Tamil and Sinhala. The Malay, Portuguese and Middle Eastern influence is very notable in the food. Rice is part of the staple diet, jackfruit and curry dishes are also part of the cuisine. The island consists of mountain ranges, plains and a large, enveloping coastal area. A tropical and warm climate prevails all the year around with changes brought in effect with the incoming ocean breeze. A holiday to Sri Lanka with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 2,579 to AED 5,069. Read More

Australia Wildlife Tour Packages

Starting From AED 4,459.00 - AED 7,309.00
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November to February
  • 116
  • 87
  • 147
  • 86

Saudi Arabia is a trove of mysteries nestled in Western Asia. It’s tough to narrow down the beauty of this sprawling kingdom brimming with marvels of ancient and modern architecture, fabled deserts showcasing the serenely moving caravans, soft sand beaches and rich illuminated cities. No wonder Saudi Arabia hotels and restaurants are some of the best in the region. Having the Gulf of Aqaba and Red Sea to its west, Persian Gulf to its east, Israel, Jordon, Iraq and Kuwait towards north, Yemen, Oman and UAE to its south, Saudi happens to be the largest nation in Arabian Peninsula. From Mecca, the holiest city in Islam and the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad, to Riyadh’s towering skyscrapers, Saudi Arabia tourism has a lot to offer. The indigenous beliefs say that the first Arabs were descendants of these lands. It is also believed that Saudi is the birthplace of world’s second largest religion, Islam. Saudi Arabia was ruled by the Ottomans between 16th and 18th century. There was a revolt which erupted against other forms of Islam which believably, was being introduced under the Ottoman rule. But finally, the movement failed and Ottomans retained power with the support of their Egyptian Allies. In the year 1964, oil was discovered and this completely vivified the fate of Saudi Arabia. Presently, it cherishes the position of being the second largest oil producer in the world. ‘The Tales of Arabian Nights’ serve as a stark reminder of the magnificence of this land. The royal and magical Arabian culture is a treat for its tourists. People of Saudi Arabia very closely snuggle the Islamic heritage and this transparently reflects in their dressing, talking as well as traditions. You will also get to taste the flavours of the quintessential and rich Arab cuisine. Natives welcome the tourists with immense pleasure and courtesy and bestow them with overwhelming hospitality. From the sprawling capital city of Riyadh, to the religious landmarks of Mecca and Medinah cities, Saudi Arabia is a land like no other in the world. A holiday to Saudi Arabia with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 1,059 to AED 4,299. Read More

South Africa Wildlife Tour Packages

Starting From AED 7,109.00 - AED 10,459.00
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May to September
  • 109
  • 93
  • 138
  • 96

A place where you will discover the wonders created by nature. It’s as serene as developed. Although the towns and cities are modernized, vibrant and well concreted, the natural features and miraculous vistas are left untouched. Gigantic hills, glassy blue waters, well preserved wildlife, picturesque landscapes and much more. This country in indeed is a trove of natural and manmade treasures. San people first came and settled in the country in 500 BC. They were majorly cattle-men. Later on Dutch East India Company entered the territory in 1652. Presently it is an independent republic. Lined by Atlantic Ocean on one side and Indian Ocean on the other, the nation is positioned on the southern tip of the Continent. Climate is mostly dry, sunny and pleasant. It’s a country of multiple languages. It is home to various cultures and religions. It is definitely called the rainbow of nations for an obvious reason. There is a lot to explore in South Africa. Starting with its capital city Cape Town, it is one of the most incredibly beautiful cities in the world. Cape Town first acquires its beauty from the grand Table Mountain, beneath which the city lies. Next comes the sprawling Kruger National Park which houses the imperial white tigers, among the other beautiful natural beings. When in South Africa, it’s unfair to miss the mesmerizing Robben Island, which entails the emotional story of imprisonment Nelson Mandela. Johannesburg, Soweto, The Winelands, Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, Durban Beachfront are eminent attractions in the country, among others. A holiday to South Africa with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 7,109 to AED 10,459. .Read More

Kenya Wildlife Tour Packages

Starting From AED 1,929.00 - AED 5,799.00
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August to October
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  • 101

It’s a world of everything. It’s a traveller’s paradise. It’s a scavenger’s dream destination. The country has variety of mystics to reveal. Right from high Savannah grasses to deep oceans offering happening spectacular underwater world with vivacious coral reefs, from dense and dark equatorial forests to bright silver Mountains draped in snow, you have simply a wide range of options to explore. The country was once a home to the powerful and fierce tribe called Masai. Arab merchants invaded this tribal province in search of ivory in the nineteenth century. Kenya was also came under British rule from 1888 to 1962. It won its independence in 1963. Bordered by the Indian Ocean at one end, Kenya harnesses Eastern African Mangroves along its coastline. Whereas the inland comprises of plain stretches, hills and mountains. The climate varies from place to place. The coastal regions witness heavy rains and high temperatures throughout the year while inland areas experience hot days and cold nights. The traditional Kenyan cuisine is exotic, fresh and spicy. Samosas, chapattis, chai, barbeque savoury meats and much more. They also make use of fresh local produce that makes their food even more flavoursome. Major attractions in Kenya are the forests that have incredibly preserved the co-existing species. People enjoy jungle safaris and forest camps. Nairobi National Park, pristine waters of Malindi, the graceful Mount Kenya, Samburu national Reserve, Hell’s Gate, Lamu Island, Nakuru Lake and the list goes on. To explore more you need to visit this treasure of nature. A holiday to Kenya with HolidayMe typically ranges from AED 1,929 to AED 5,799. Read More

Wildlife Tour Packages

Looking for a vacation to unwind and relax in a serene ambience or thinking about treading the jungle paths and camping in the lap of sheer wilderness, then Wildlife Tour Packages are perfect for a good holiday. Imagine a day without work hassles, free from the cacophony of the cities and the monotonous cycle of your lives, the lure of wildlife tours will be enticing. Camp under the thick foliage of a jungle or stay in luxurious wildlife resorts, you will certainly have the most memorable experience of your life. You can enjoy a pleasant nature hike in the morning, have a delicious freshly cooked meal in the afternoon, spot wildlife and listen to the call of wild animals and stare at the star-lit skies without any interruption at night. Wildlife safaris with trained guides and wildlife officials are also an experience to cherish as not only one you get to admire the precious flora and fauna, but you will also learn about the various aspects of diminishing wildlife and its conservation efforts. Looking for your own wildlife experience, think no more and proceed with HolidayMe. Starting from selecting a memorable wildlife destination to customising a tour package according to your preference, HolidayMe is your one stop solution and gateway to wide range of wildlife tours.