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Asia Travel Guide

Asia, the world’s largest continent is a rich collection of myriad cultures, sights and sounds, geographies and delicious food. Asia is the birth place of ancient civilizations, religions, philosophies and diverse languages, cultures, and traditions. This vast continent boasts of lofty mountains, scorching hot and freezing cold deserts, dreamy landscapes, glamorous cities, scenic beaches, tropical islands, and many more. Asia is further divided into several sub-regional areas – North Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, and East Asia. These regions feature countries rich in culture, history, food, and unique customs and traditions, starting from urbane sophistication of Seoul, to the chaotic frenzy of Bangkok, to the narrow lanes of Amman.

Asia travel is different from Europe. It’s more chaotic, unorganised, noisy, vibrant, and colourful. Asian holidays are more about appreciating and understanding the diverse geography, rich history, unique food, and interesting traditions. The best Asian countries to visit are China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Japan, South Korea, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Russia.

Asia tours must include amazing Asian destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Dubai, Istanbul, and Beijing. Key places to visit in Asia feature the famous UNESCO World Heritages of Petra, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, and Angkor Wat. Scenic beaches of Thailand, surreal landscapes of China and Vietnam, ochre coloured desserts of the Middle East and stylish city states of Hong Kong and Singapore are also among the best Asian destinations.

holidayme’s Asia travel guide provides detailed information about the best Asian destinations. It includes a general overview about the Asia countries and cities, how to reach and move around, the best time to visit, visa information, things to do and places to visit, and a collection of the best restaurants, nightlife spots and tourist attractions. Check out holidayme’s Asia Tour Guides and plan your dream Asian holidays with better information and updated travel guides.