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Europe Travel Guide

The most dramatic continent on earth, Europe represents the very best of our planet. The continent is known for its rich cities adorned with classical architecture, fascinating museums of art and culture, splendid operas, ornate churches, iconic landmarks, cobbled stone lanes, quaint cafes, famed restaurants, and plenty of avenues high-end luxury shopping. Europe’s rich history boasts of the glorious Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, French and English empires. It has seen disasters like the Great Black Death, two devastating World Wars, and several conflicts. Europe remains the most gratifying continent for the holidays. Europe is also fabled for its landscapes – picturesque Alps, crystal clear lakes and fjords, valleys filled with lush temperate forests and charming countryside dotted with quaint villages and castles.

European destinations can be divided into different geographic regions – Western Europe, Northern Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe, and Eastern Europe. Each of these regions boast of wonderful countries and destination filled with rich cultural delights. Some of the best European countries to visit are France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. The perfect Europe trip must include stays in some of the best European cities like Paris, London, Venice, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, etc.

Europe travel can prove to be the most pleasant experience. The continent boasts of a highly efficient inter-city transport system. Travel Europe by train and buses – it’s not just pleasant and scenic but also highly convenient. Top European destinations include the likes of Geneva, Venice, Florence, Munich, Nice, Naples, Dubrovnik, Copenhagen, etc. Some of the highly popular European tourist attractions include the likes of the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Neuschwanstein Castle, Colosseum, Prague Castle, etc. Plan your dream Europe trip with holidayme’s Europe travel guide. Read about amazing European destinations, popular things to do in Europe, amazing European places to visit, how to reach, visa policies, best time to visit, restaurant, nightlife, and shopping information. Holidayme’ Europe tour guides are updated with the latest information and will help you to plan a memorable European vacation.