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Paris is like a fairy tale come alive and is fondly known as “The City of Lights”. Let’s take a brief look at the best time to visit Paris.
January - March
For people who dislike crowded places, this is the best time to visit Paris. Since the weather is cold and humid with scattered rains throughout these months, the tourist crowd is nearly absent, hotel prices are very low and there are no waiting queues.
The fashion aficionados can visit the much-awaited fashion week in January. February is the month of Valentines, with lots of offers and deals on food and hotels for the couples. The rest can still enjoy the delicacies, or the National Day on Jan 1st, or the Mardi Gras Parade in February. If you’re in the city in March, don’t miss the Paris Half Marathon or ‘Semi Marathon de Paris’ that would take you through the famous streets of Paris.
April - June 
Weather wise these months of Spring are the best time to visit Paris. The weather starts becoming dry, warm and has loads of pleasant days.
April is ideal for peace lovers, as the tourist season doesn’t take off yet but the gardens of Paris are in full bloom! Hotel, entertainment and flight prices are lower and weather perfect to stroll around the city. May and June see the peak tourist crowd. Warm weather, exorbitant hotel, flight and other prices is what one will find in this time period.
This is also the time when Foir du Trone, a summer carnival is held in April. April is the best time to visit Disneyland, other theme parks and parks. The Night of the Museum and The Paris Jazz Festival are held during May and June, respectively.
July – September
Traditionally, the months of June & July have been the best time to visit Paris. These summer months will see weather getting quite hot and dry. As summer holidays draw to an end, the tourist crowd disappears by September. The prices of all restaurants, hotels and entertainment sectors are high in July but lower down by September.
This the time to change from flip flops to couture as the Paris Design Week is held in September. July is to enjoy Bastille Day and the famous Tour de France Cycling championship.
October- December
The “City of Lights”, lives upto its name during this time period. Although the weather becomes very cold, with shorter cloudy days and frequent showers or sometimes snow. The flip flops and Tees are replaced with goulashes and warm layers of clothes.
October and November see a decline in the prices and easy availability with no tourist crowd. Yet the season of fall/ autumn would be the best time to visit Paris, to enjoy The Art Fair and Grape Harvest Festival.
Winter sets in with the arrival of December - the month of celebration and festive good cheer, with Christmas and New Year. Temporary ice skating rinks are set up all over the city, even on the Eiffel Tower!
Paris is like a fairy tale come alive and is fondly known as “The City of Lights”. Let’s take a brief look at the best time to visit Paris.