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Free Things to Do In Paris

  • Eiffel Tower is the sacrosanct monument of Paris. What’s better, you can enjoy it for free. Eiffel Tower is a sight to behold after sunset, when Paris bathes in city lights.
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral is counted amongst the beautiful churches of the world and is a fine example of French Gothic architecture. Gifted buskers perform in areas around the Cathedral and are a delight to watch.
  • Constantin Brancusi, a Romanian sculptor, is an inspiration for many contemporary artists. Constantin Brancusi’s left his workshop open to public. Anybody can access and take pleasure in this revolutionary’s works.   
  • Paris is the fashion capital of the world. Even the idea of buying a ticket to the Paris fashion show week can burn a hole in your pocket. A better choice, therefore, is to buy tickets to the Friday afternoon fashion show at Galeries Lafayette. The fashion show here replicates the truly grand fashion shows of the Paris Fashion week.  
  • Paris is the city of love and romance. When in Paris, ensure that you stop by the love wall. This mural is the brain-child of Frederic Baron who started collection “I love you” In different languages in 1992. He then teamed with Claire Kito, an artist and calligrapher, who began working on the mural.
  • The famous Louvre, home to world-famous Mona Lisa, permits free entry to people on every first Sunday of the month. Reach early to skip the long queue which might kill your chances of being vis-à-vis with Mona Lisa.
  • Sainte-Chapelle, Paris’ famous royal medieval church, is an example of the lost architectural craft called Rayonnant. One can admire the beauty of this chapel without having to waste any money.
  • During the months of July and August, Paris’ famous Parc de la Villete Cinema organizes free premieres of films based on a particular theme. The crowd is chatty, intelligent and well-informed. Catch a good film followed by good discussions. 
  • A trip to Paris can be tiring. Don’t be surprised if you decide to shun your nomadic shoes for a short period of physical revival. And the best place to sit back and relax is Jardin du Luxembourg. This beautiful city park accommodates grand statues, memorials and fountains.
  • Pere Lachaise Cemetery, world’s most visited cemetery, is the resting place of world famous figures like Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Georges Rodenbach, etc. The cemetery is open to public and can be visited for free. 
  • Eiffel Tower is the sacrosanct monument of Paris. What’s better, you c...

Things to Do In PARIS

Top Things to Do
Special things to do and experience in Paris:
  • Enjoy the romance and elegance of the city by taking a stroll along the River Seine as it winds its way through Paris’s beautiful landmarks.
  • Photograph the most ornate bridge in Paris, the Pont Alexander III
  • Be amazed by stunning views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower and enjoy lunch or dinner at the famous Jules Verne
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